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Aquarium set Pico Set 5 liters

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This set is perfect for keeping non complicated species of plants, shrimps, small fish species, as well as Betta fish.
Such volume of an aquarium is very convenient, as there are practically no limits to the place of its installation.

The set includes:

Aquarium DAQUARIUM 5 liters volume made from ultra-transparent glass.
Ultra-transparent glass, neat seams from transparent silicone, perfectly finished edges (which are smoothed, polished and have a 0.6 mm chamber at 45°) make the aquarium a piece of art! This aquarium will leave no one indifferent! The delivery set includes a cover glass and a mat for secure installation. The cover glass is used to prevent jumping fishes and shrimps from the aquarium, reduces water evaporation. Polyurethane mat accommodates slight surface imperfections of the place of installation.
Glass thickness is 3 mm. Aquarium dimensions are 170x170x170 mm.

Aquarium lamp AquaLighter Pico.
Black elegant LED lamp is a real decoration of the aquarium! It is specially designed for aquariums up to 10 liters and is perfectly suited for the 5 liters volume aquariums.
It has sufficient power and spectrum of light for the majority of widespread undemanding aquarium plant species.
The color temperature is identical to daylight; this ensures that your aquarium will look natural, with fish and plants appearing bright and attractive.

AquaLighter Pico advantages.

  • The ultra-modern, ultra-thin design .
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency, stunning look.
  • The Soft touch coating excites tactile sensation the same as the premium-class product
  • Versatile mount allows you to fix the lamp on a rectangular aquarium with a glass thickness of up to 12mm
  • Super-bright cool-white LEDs with the color temperature 5000-6500К are manufactured by one of the world's leaders OSRAM (Germany).
  • Spectrum of light is matched to the needs of the most undemanding aquarium plant species.
  • Color temperature advantageously enhances the colors of fishes and plants; your aquarium looks fascinating.
  • High rate of safety. Even short-term immersion into the water will not cause to electric shock. Supplying voltage is 5V
  • Power is supplied by a power unit via USB; that makes the lamp even more versatile.
  • 3D effect makes your aquarium look much bigger than it really is. A minor natural disturbance of water under the AquaLighter Pico lamp produces the effect of movement on the surface of corals and decorations; this makes your aquarium look more spacious. It's really impressive!

Internal filter.
The filter is sufficient for such a large volume and wonderfully deals with its main function in the aquarium – the mechanical filtration of water.

Size, mm: 170х170х170
Aquarium volume: 5
Package contents: LED lamp AquaLighter Pico, aquarium 5l, padded mat, internal filter, glass cover
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